Brief from Union Council 2020:4more_vert

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Brief from Union Council 2020:4close The first FUM of the autumn term took place between the 29th and the 30th of September and withthe ongoing pandemic in mind, was held in digitized form on Zoom. Foodwise, the members of FUMgot to be creative and supply themselves with food. Since the latest FUM was held, a teambuildingevent was organized where members of FUM were invited to a Mikrogasque.During the first day of the meeting, the board of UTN talked about how things have gone withsettling in with their work since a lot of the mem… Read More

Life after graduation - what happens after your programme?more_vert

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Life after graduation - what happens after your programme?close Many people know that there is a life after graduation. But what really happens after graduation?What should I do during my studies to get my dream job? How important is the degree project for my future opportunities and how do I get the PhD position I always wanted? Take the opportunity to meet alumni from your program and get the answers to all your questions about life after graduation.More information can be found here! Read More

Apply for funds from the Per Wahlund Foundation!more_vert

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Apply for funds from the Per Wahlund Foundation!close Per Wahlund was during his working life a much appreciated teacher and in 2010, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students awarded him with a gold Medal of Merit. After his pension, Per chose to separate SEK 500,000 to form the Per Wahlund Foundation, which UTN was offered the great honor of managing. The foundation hands out funds to cultural or educational events, for example music, theatre or literature events, but also food or youth culture may be included. Funds may not be used to l… Read More

Information from the universitymore_vert

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Information from the universityclose Opening hours:5 am - 12 pm (with some exceptions during the receptions when the opening hours are extended slightly).Alcohol:- Totally forbidden in the university premises.- Serving of alcohol is prohibited in all outdoor areas west of Uthgård (from Uthgård towards ITC).Related to Corona:Here you can read the recommendations from Uppsala university regarding the coronavirus.Here you can read more about measures taken at campus areas with regard to Covid-19 and how you are affected as a student.… Read More

We have a new webpage!more_vert

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We have a new webpage!close After four generations of Information officers! After one generation of Daniel Fehrm (System administrator)! After we countless times answered "soon" when asked when the new website will be launched, the time has finally come! Our new website is finally here!Here you will find all the information you need about the union and how you can affect your studies Read More

The Examenation ceremony 2020more_vert

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The Examenation ceremony 2020close Due to the prevailing circumstances regarding Covid-19, the university and UTN have chosen to cancel this autumn's Examenation ceremony and gasque. At present, there is no more information about when a future gasque will be arranged, but we in the Examenation Committee continue to work to ensure that the graduates are celebrated at a later date. Read More

Per Wahlunds foundationmore_vert

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Per Wahlunds foundationclose Per Wahlunds foundation annually awards money to different events that promote culture- and partyactvities. For example music-, litterature- or theateractivities, but also food- and socialculture events.The applicant needs to be an association whose buisness is bound to union- or sectionassociation by the faculty for technology and science, or a student by the faculty of technology and science. To apply for means from Per Wahlunds foundation send in a signed applicationform to [email protected]Read More