During your time in Uppsala your main priority may be to finish and get a degree. But your degree can be complemented in many ways during your time as a student. Involvements is what moves the union forward. Involvement created your reception, involvement evolves your education, involvement creates Uppsalas student life. As a member in UTN you have the privilege to be able to involve yourself.

Uppsala Union for Engineering and Science students has a vast amount of involved students. From the Buddy at the reception to the Union President, everyone is involved. You may not fit for everything but everyone fits for something. Trying an involvement is something all Uppsala students should have on their bucket list. During the year there are many involvements possible, some for the more experienced and some perfect for someone who wants to try it for the first time.

If you’re an international student the best way to involve yourself is to volunteer at events like Utnarm, Forsränningen, the Thursday Pub,  but you may also involve yourself in committees and workgroups but the main working language in these groups are Swedish. If you’re interested in a committee or workgroup, contact [email protected] for contact information.