Student life

Uppsala is the oldest and (according to us) the best city to live in as a student. In addition to the thirteen nations that have down town, we organize many fun activities and events to improve your time as a student. When you don't have the energy or desire to study anymore, you can visit our weekly Thursday pub or hang out in Café Bocken. During the year we organize several events, eg. the River Rafting, one of our oldest traditions dating back to 1975, long before UTN even became a union.

In addition to the River Rafting, we arrange receptions, a ball at the castle, a Puzzle Hunt Rally, a gaming event, a career fair and much more! Would you like to be a part of all the fun? Keep an eye open on the website and on our Facebook page (@utnkar). More information about our social events can be found here on the website. Would you like to get involved in one of the events? Check out our engagement tab.

Thursday pubs

Every Thursday during the terms Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Pub crew have a Thursday pub in our union house Uthgård, with food and beverages to student prices.

During the Thursday pubs the Pub Crew show their culinary skills and cook according to different themes every week. The food is of course adapted to all palates and food preferences, and prices are suitable for a student's wallet. If you are a member of UTN, you also get member discounts on food.

So bring your friends to the Thursday pubs and take the opportunity to enjoy good food and beverages in a cozy atmosphere to student prices. Like UTN's Pub Crew on Facebook if you don't want to miss any of the Thursday pubs.