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The River Rafting

Every year on Valborg, the last of April, tens of thousands of people gather at the brim of Fyrisån to watch the home made creations of the students fight the rivers water, and this is an event by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

The River Raft is a well known and beloved event that has taken place since 1975. During The River Raft students from different parts of Sweden gather to build their, more or less stable, rafts of styrofoam, to take on the Fyriså. Around 400 rafters usually participates, and about 40,000 spectators.

The River Raft is open for all persons over 18 years. For those interested, the registration opens during the spring (often in Mars).

The River Raft is not only about building a raft and glide through The Fyriså, but there is also The River Raft Festival, where there are a lot of activitys in close proximity to the raft building area. During the days you can play on the activity area (climbing wall and sumo-football are some of earlier years activitys) and during the evenings you can enjoy live music from different artists in the pub. During the entire festival you can buy food and beverages if you are interested in something tasty.


Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students arranges for two weeks in late summer / early spring reception activities for newly arrived students at the faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University. This is to provide students with opportunities to learn to know each other as well as to introduce students to student life in Uppsala.

The student Union organizes centrally through its committees receptions for new Engineering and computer science students, students at the Science and Technology base year and master's programs at the Faculty.

In addition to the centrally organized receptions several of its sectional associations holds receptions for their respective students. Bachelor's program in mathematics, physics or chemistry, Subject Teacher Education Programme in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, and Mathematics A 25 hp is part of MFK reception while The Geo- and Biolog reception will be held for all students who will be studying Biology, Geosciences and Biosciences.


Polhacks is a game event arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students which is a fun and social event with a focus on socializing and games that everyone can participate in and can find something to entertain themselves with.

Whether you are an experienced gamer who has spend a lot of time gaming and maybe even on a competing level in some of the games, or if you've never played a game in your entire life, there will be something for you. There are several ways to participate, you can buy a computer spot to bring your computer and connect to the network and play your games with other participants or on the internet.

You can also attend as a visitor and play video games on the consoles that are located in the activity area, borrow a board game/card game and sit with your friends or anyone else who happens to be sitting at a table and start playing or just hang with all the nice people who are there!

The Puzzle Hunt Rally

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Puzzle Hunt Rally takes place every autumn and is a whole day with fun activitys. In The Puzzle Hunt Rally the participants are in different teams, where every team has a car and tries to solve different puzzles (rebuses) to work their way through Uppsala and it's neighborhood.

The Puzzle Hunt Rally was arrange for the first time by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students in 2003 and over the years the event has grown and developed to the grandest in Sweden. It is a very appreciated event, today including around 90 teams. The Puzzle Hunt Rally is an event for all students at the faculty of science and technology at Uppsala University. The registration for participation will open in early September.

The purpose of the Puzzle Hunt Rally is for the team to solve a rebus and with its help go to the next place and get a new rebus. In this way the team will drive round in Upland. During the journey the team will do some tasks and collect extra points. In the end of the day there will be a festive final.

Are you interested to participate in the Puzzle Hunt Rally? Put together a team and keep your eyes open for when the registration opens!

The Science Ball

Every two years (odd years) Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students arrange the Science Ball on Uppsala Castle.

The Students' Science ball is UTN:s most elegant event, a completely wonderful ball. The event is directed towards the students at the Faculty of Science and Technology, but everyone is of course welcome. It's a moment to dress up in beautiful clothes such as a tailcoat or a ballgown, or why not a national costume?

It is during the ball that the UTN Medal of Merit and the the UTN Pedagogical Award is awarded. The ball occurs at the beginning of every uneven year and is arranged by the well dressed ball committee, also known as ”Balkå”. Together they work to make it an unforgettable evening!

Math Prep

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science is organizing a refresher course in mathematics during the autumn receptions. This course is called ”the Proprietorial course”.

The Proprietorial course is a co-operation between the department of mathematics and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. During the first two weeks of school, new SciTech students have the chance to refresh their math skills before the courses begin. The course is non-mandatory and consists of ten lessons.

The prep teachers start their pedagogic training in March. At meetings we listen to guest lecturers, talk about the Prep teachers role and get comfortable with the course material and also each other.

The Math Prep is not only taught in the traditional way, it is also a way for new students to get to know both their new classmates and the university. In other words it's not all about the mathematics. Since the Prep teachers are older students they know a lot about finding their way around campus, which books to buy and how to pass exams.